11 Simple Hacks to Help You Stay Organized

    Give your best advice on how to stay organized

    In the quest for productivity, staying organized is a key factor. We asked 11 professionals, from a Founder to a Content Marketer, for their best advice. From using lists for tracking tasks to breaking down annual goals into daily tasks, here are their tips on how to stay organized.

    • Implement Time Blocks for Activities
    • Maintain Order to Prevent Chaos
    • Use Lists to Track Tasks
    • Leverage Digital Tools and Declutter
    • Plan Monthly and Adjust Workload
    • Prioritize and Leverage Technology
    • Put Things Away Immediately
    • Establish a Routine for More Structure
    • Align Tasks With Your Strategic Goals
    • Start Your Day With a Calendar Review

    Implement Time Blocks for Activities

    Organization for me is always a matter of time management more than anything else because the reason I become disorganized is not having the time to get everything into its proper place. What works for me is putting time blocks on everything—I get 30 minutes to do x, 25 minutes to do y, etc.

    I find that the definite start and end time for an activity means I factor in the put up and take down—so if I give myself 30 minutes to write a report, then that includes setting up my desk, writing it, and putting everything away.

    Dragos Badea
    Dragos BadeaCEO, Yarooms

    Maintain Order to Prevent Chaos

    The best advice on organization is in your question: "Stay organized." Everything has its place and is put back there when it's not in use. Every task is performed as soon as possible. Every piece of paperwork goes in its place when it's completed.

    Without consistently staying organized, chaos piles up around us, and organizing it becomes a task too overwhelming to take on. But putting the tool you just got done using back in the box where it belongs is easy and prevents being overwhelmed. Stay organized. Keep organized.

    Rick Berres
    Rick BerresOwner, Honey-Doers

    Use Lists to Track Tasks

    Making lists is like magic for staying organized. Start your day by jotting down the tasks you need to tackle for the day and prioritizing them how you like. You can either start with the big or hard tasks first, or vice versa. As you complete each item, cross it off.

    This has always been so satisfying for me. Plus, having your tasks visually laid out helps you stay focused and prevents things from slipping through the cracks.

    Johannes Larsson
    Johannes LarssonFounder and CEO, JohannesLarsson.com

    Leverage Digital Tools and Declutter

    Staying organized as a CEO is crucial for managing a busy schedule and ensuring productivity. The best advice on how to stay organized includes:

    Use digital tools: Leverage technology to stay organized. Utilize project-management software, calendar apps, and task-management tools to keep track of deadlines, meetings, and important information. These tools help centralize information and provide reminders to stay on track.

    Declutter your workspace: A cluttered workspace can lead to distractions and decreased productivity.

    Sai Blackbyrn
    Sai BlackbyrnCEO, Coach Foundation

    Plan Monthly and Adjust Workload

    Each month, I plot out tasks on a monthly calendar. The monthly plan prevents me from getting overwhelmed. It helps me remember that I have time and not everything needs to be completed today, or even this week. When I get overwhelmed by an upcoming task, I can refer to my monthly plan and remind myself that I have dedicated time for the task that's bugging me next week, not now.

    I organize my work so that my pre-menstrual weeks are, where possible, slightly lighter in terms of the mental load. I love this because I can work to my strengths each week and plan work around what I'm likely to be most mentally ready to tackle.

    Once I've got my monthly plan mapped out, each morning, or the night before, I write out a task list for the day ahead and pick through each task until everything is complete.

    Zoe Ashbridge
    Zoe AshbridgeCo-Founder & Senior SEO Strategist, forank

    Prioritize and Leverage Technology

    As CEO of Authors On Mission, my role is multifaceted and requires me to maintain a high level of organization. My best advice to stay organized revolves around two key elements: prioritization and technology.

    Every day, I start by identifying the most critical tasks aligned with my immediate and long-term goals. Scheduling these tasks into dedicated time slots ensures they receive undivided attention. This principle of prioritization applies to everything, whether managing our unique “Angel Writer” service or guiding aspiring authors.

    Embracing digital tools is the second part of my strategy. Utilizing applications such as Asana or Google Calendar helps me efficiently manage tasks, deadlines, and appointments. They serve as my digital assistants, allowing me to focus on empowering authors and helping them share their impactful stories.

    But remember, staying organized isn't a one-time task—it's a habit that requires consistency.

    Vikrant Shaurya
    Vikrant ShauryaCEO, Authors On Mission

    Put Things Away Immediately

    This has been something that I've done since I was a child—I never put anything down, I always put it away right away. It can be a tricky habit to get into, but I guarantee that even a token effort at it will pay dividends in terms of your organization.

    Especially when it comes to papers, as I am pretty sure that without this system, I'd never be able to find any of my files due to a massive stack of paper on my desk.

    Kate Kandefer
    Kate KandeferCEO, SEOwind

    Establish a Routine for More Structure

    One way that I like to stay organized is by establishing a routine because it helps build habits that give structure to your day. The great thing about routines is that the longer you do them, the easier they are to do.

    Case in point, if you read the paper every day for a week, over time it will most likely become a habit. This also translates well into performing recurring tasks at work.

    Amar Ghose
    Amar GhoseCEO, ZenMaid

    Align Tasks With Your Strategic Goals

    Prioritizing your most important work is the best advice for staying organized. It's easy to get lost in a sea of tasks but remember, not all tasks are created equal. At ZenMaid, the focus is on what truly moves the needle for the team and business. This approach is more than just keeping busy; it's about making substantial progress.

    Connecting your tasks to your company's strategic plan and organization-wide OKRs is a good starting point. Every task, no matter how tiny, should contribute to these bigger goals. Understanding how your work aligns with the larger company initiatives provides the context to adjust deadlines and priorities.

    So, when due dates shift or a new project lands on your desk, you can evaluate how that work stacks up against your current priorities and adjust accordingly. This way, you're not just organized, you're strategically organized.

    Amar Ghose
    Amar GhoseCEO, ZenMaid

    Start Your Day With a Calendar Review

    One of the biggest hurdles for staying organized is not knowing exactly what you're going to be doing that day—it leads to you missing things and not arranging things or events in an optimal manner.

    Take a few minutes right when you wake up to go through your calendar and make a few mental notes about what you need to do and when you can help bring some order to what would otherwise be a bit more of a slap-dash sort of day.

    Onno Halsema
    Onno HalsemaCEO, Contentoo

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