How Can Projects Behind Schedule Maintain Quality?


    How Can Projects Behind Schedule Maintain Quality?

    When a project falls behind schedule, maintaining quality becomes a critical challenge. We've gathered insights from a diverse group of professionals, including Technical Team Leads and CEOs, to share their strategies. From implementing Agile Project Management to investigating and prioritizing for quality, explore the twelve tactics these experts employ to keep projects on track without compromising excellence.

    • Implement Agile Project Management
    • Optimize Time with Delegation
    • Enlist Expert Consultants
    • Try Collaborative Rapid Prototyping
    • Adopt Agile Framework
    • Enhance Team Collaboration
    • Communicate and Reset Expectations
    • Evaluate and Optimize Processes
    • Prioritize Impactful Tasks
    • Collaborate and Chunk Work
    • Strategize and Communicate for Quality
    • Investigate and Prioritize for Quality

    Implement Agile Project Management

    As a Team Lead, I've dealt with late software projects without compromising quality. To tackle this, I focus on good planning, realistic deadlines, and accurate task estimates. I find and fix any issues, such as not having enough resources. Breaking the project into small parts and setting priorities helps us stay on track. I also promise less to clients and deliver more, managing their expectations well. Using an agile approach and good communication with project management tools is key. These simple strategies have worked for me, ensuring we finish software projects successfully and meet quality standards.

    Rahul Mittal
    Rahul MittalTechnical Team Lead, Gleexa

    Optimize Time with Delegation

    I really enjoy the leadership paradigm, 'It's not my job to do everything, but it is my job to get everything done.' I think sometimes zooming out of a project that's already running behind schedule can be incredibly beneficial. I then ask myself - is there anything I'm doing that I can automate to save time? Is there anything I can delegate that I'm spending a ton of time on right now? Finally, is there anything I can eliminate that's been redundant? Talking this through, I often find ways to regain some of my time and keep quality high in my current project.

    Matthew Sanjari
    Matthew SanjariFounder and Business Coach, PRIME Consulting

    Enlist Expert Consultants

    When our project fell behind, we didn't let quality slip. We hired experts to help speed things up. These consultants were like a special team that knew exactly what to do.

    They worked on the tough parts, so our team could focus on their strengths. Yes, these experts cost money, but it was worth it. They helped us catch up without messing up the good work we were doing.

    It was a smart choice that helped us stay on schedule without giving up on quality.

    Tobias Liebsch
    Tobias LiebschCo-Founder,

    Try Collaborative Rapid Prototyping

    As an entrepreneur, I addressed a situation where a project was behind schedule without sacrificing quality by implementing a technique called 'Collaborative Rapid Prototyping.' In our kids' clothing store, we were late to release our new eco-friendly clothes for the next season. So, we tried a new way of working together called 'collaborative rapid prototyping.' We gathered a group of people from different parts of our company, such as designers, manufacturers, and quality control folks, to work together. We made simple versions of our new eco-friendly clothes really fast. These were like rough drafts that we could look at and change quickly. Then, we all talked about what we liked and what needed to change. While some people worked on making the clothes better, others got everything ready to start making them for real. We made sure to start with the things that were most important or easiest to make. That way, we could finish them fast and keep making the rest better. This approach allows for development, where ideas are tested, adjusted, and refined in a fast-paced and collaborative environment and thus helped us to finish the most important clothes first and made sure they were good. Then, we kept working on the rest. With everyone's help, we got our eco-friendly clothes ready to sell on time!

    Nikhil Soni
    Nikhil SoniFounder, The Tribe Kids

    Adopt Agile Framework

    When confronted with a project falling behind schedule without compromising quality, I turned to an agile approach. Breaking down the project into smaller, manageable components known as user stories or features, we approached them in short, focused cycles called sprints or iterations.

    Flexibility was key, allowing us to adapt to changing requirements and feedback. Progress was monitored through a dashboard, ensuring continuous communication and real-time awareness of each sprint's advancements.

    Adopting the agile framework facilitated a responsive and iterative development process. By dividing the project into smaller parts, we could address challenges without compromising overall quality.

    Alan Carr
    Alan CarrDirector,

    Enhance Team Collaboration

    In such situations, it is crucial to prioritize the tasks and critical aspects that have the biggest impact. In addition, look for the best way to utilize your team's strengths! The saying, 'Teamwork makes the dream work,' is not just a cliché. By enhancing project management strategies and optimizing team collaboration, we ensure that deliverables meet quality standards, even under tight deadlines.

    Onno Halsema
    Onno HalsemaCEO, Contentoo

    Communicate and Reset Expectations

    I don't worry about it, and if I miss a deadline, then I miss a deadline. I communicate progress early and often, along with resetting expectations appropriately. It's never a surprise when I miss a deadline that was probably set before work even started.

    The job of your team leader or supervisor is to understand what a team can reasonably do and set expectations appropriately with their manager.

    If these deadlines are hard and you receive strong criticism for missing them, regardless of proper communication, then, as others have said, look for a new job where the expectations of the job will be more aligned.

    Jugnu Nagar
    Jugnu NagarSEO Specialist, GREAT Guest Posts

    Evaluate and Optimize Processes

    In managing a scenario where a project encountered delays, my personalized strategy focused on finding equilibrium between efficiency and upholding our stringent quality benchmarks. In my experience, the initial step involved a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint specific bottlenecks and areas open to optimization. Through strategic reallocation of resources and refining processes, we successfully regained momentum without compromising our commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes. Clear and effective communication with the team, based on my perspective, played a pivotal role, ensuring everyone on our team grasped the adjusted timelines and remained dedicated to preserving our quality standards. This incident, from my personal journey, underscored the significance of proactive issue resolution, collaborative efforts, and the necessity of simultaneously prioritizing efficiency and quality in project management.

    Peter Capp
    Peter CappCEO, Sodick

    Prioritize Impactful Tasks

    Facing a project delay at CrownTV, I tackled the challenge head-on by prioritizing tasks based on their impact on project outcomes, akin to focusing a camera on the subject that best tells the story. This involved reassessing our roadmap, identifying critical features that needed to be perfected, and determining which could be streamlined without compromising the end product's integrity. By fostering open communication and reallocating resources to focus areas, we maintained quality while catching up to the schedule. This strategy reinforced the idea that efficiency and quality aren't mutually exclusive but can be balanced with strategic planning and clear priorities.

    Alex Taylor
    Alex TaylorHead of Marketing, CrownTV

    Collaborate and Chunk Work

    When a major website redesign ran behind due to pandemic delays, we reassessed the timeline and resources. By having designers, developers, and account managers collaborate closely in real time via digital tools, we accelerated decision-making. We also chunked out the remaining work into parallel streams, allowing us to complete the back end and front end simultaneously. Our team's cohesion and responsiveness ensured we still achieved a superior product on budget.

    Karin Conroy
    Karin ConroyFounder and Creative Director, Conroy Creative Counsel

    Strategize and Communicate for Quality

    In our last two-day virtual summit event, The Disruptive Actuary, we realized we were falling behind schedule. We used strategic prioritization and communication to identify what was most critical for completion and to help us focus resources on those areas. This allowed us to realign the project timeline without compromising quality. We engaged the team in solution-oriented discussions, which helped in identifying bottlenecks and brainstorming ways to accelerate progress, ultimately leading to a successful, high-quality event.

    Dr. Mark Farrell (Fia)
    Dr. Mark Farrell (Fia)Founder, CEO, Associate Professor & Actuary, ProActuary Jobs

    Investigate and Prioritize for Quality

    Over the past eight years, I have been assigned to large, complex, high-priority projects that are critical to the business and must be won with no room for failure. One recent incident occurred when I was running behind time and trying to maintain quality; I started a comprehensive investigation to find important project elements and bottlenecks so that priorities could be set strategically. We maintain transparent communication and foster collective commitment by optimizing efficiency through resource reallocation and timeline adjustments for non-critical tasks. To ensure high quality, we implemented continuous integration and testing, which created a quality-centric mindset and enhanced the final deliverable's excellence.

    Naima Ch
    Naima ChChief Marketing Officer (CMO), Set Alarm Online