What Are Strategies for Integrating New Team Members into Ongoing Projects?

    How did you successfully integrate a new team member into an ongoing project without disrupting the workflow?

    Integrating a new team member into an existing project can be a delicate task, so we sought insights from seasoned Project Managers and Heads of Marketing. They provided strategies ranging from hosting personalized training sessions to initiating pre-start onboarding and regular check-ins. Here are the top four methods they shared for seamlessly welcoming new talent without disrupting the project's workflow.

    • Host Personalized Training Sessions
    • Start with Less Critical Tasks
    • Implement Structured Onboarding and Mentoring

    Host Personalized Training Sessions

    At the Cleveland Clinic, we successfully integrated new team members into ongoing projects by hosting trainings to walk members through our process, answer any questions, and show them the importance of the criteria we needed to meet. This type of learning can be adapted to the individual, and it allows for a more personalized experience because new team members can shadow, learn, and offer new insights from a fresh perspective.

    Laura Moonan
    Laura MoonanIT Portfolio Project Management Analyst, Driven Brands

    Start with Less Critical Tasks

    I just hired a new marketing associate in the middle of a large website redesign. It wasn't the best time to bring someone in, especially during a project that only happens once every three to five years.

    In order to not cause any disruptions to others' work, I had the associate start by working on lower-importance areas that had yet to be completed. This way, it was easier for them to do (they already had the experience), they didn't bother the other associates, and they actually improved their relationship with the team because they were finishing work the rest of us really didn't want to do. It worked out very well!

    Jeff Michael
    Jeff MichaelEcommerce Business Owner, Supplement Warehouse

    Implement Structured Onboarding and Mentoring

    To integrate a new team member into an ongoing project, first, brief the existing team about the new addition and their role.

    Provide a detailed orientation for the new member, covering the project, team roles, and tools. Assign a mentor from the current team for support and start the new member on smaller tasks, gradually increasing their responsibilities. Regularly check in for feedback and include them in team meetings to ensure smooth integration without disrupting the workflow.

    John Cammidge
    John CammidgeFreelance Google Ads Consultant, JCammidge